Academic Papers

Building Computer Vision Tools to Understand Collaborative Behavior in Cybercafés:

This research paper entailed studies in end-user sharing to set up a system to track collaboration in Ghana’s cybercafés. This included creation of a blob tracking system using surveillance cameras. This information was then to be used to study collaboration.



This project investigates the cognitive implications of re-mapping one’s physical movement onto that of an animal puppet and, furthermore, re-mapping again the movement of the physical puppet to a virtual character. In this paper, we present the system architecture and document its installation in the Neuro Salon. We propose potential future research in biomechanical interface design.


Scene Analysis: Jean- Pierre Jeunet’s Micmacs: 

This paper exclusively examines the scene where the hero‟s elaborate plan of pitting two weapons dealers against each other is exposed and he is captured by the antagonists. The analysis of this scene will show how Jean-Pierre Jeunet remixes various stylistic elements ranging from Kurosawa to Charlie Chaplin into his own puppetry styled film.


Study of Actuality Film in the Modern Period:

This paper attempts to examine early and actuality films by looking at some examples as well as understanding the filmmakers. We shall in this paper studying early film making and the technology involved in it from Muybridge‟s images of the racing horse through Lumiere‟s „Arrival of a Train‟ to Gilbreth‟s process studies. This in turn will give some sort of an insight into early actuality films.


Historical Profile – Galileo Galilei:

A profile of Galileo Galilei and his scientific works throughout the Renaissance period.


Paintings of Botticelli – A Study:

A profile of the Renaissance painter Botticelli and two of his works ‘La Primavera’ and ‘La Nascita di Venere: The Birth of Venus’


Auteur – Kurosawa, the Film Director:

Akira Kurosawa is a highly acclaimed Japanese director, screenwriter, producer, and editor who during his fifty seven year long career directed thirty films. This is an auteur of Kurosawa and his works ‘Yojimbo’ and ‘Sanjuro’.


Technology Overview Poster – Vocaloid:

This poster gives an overview of how the vocaloid technology works.


Good Interaction Design:

Good design according to Richard Buchanan is based on three attributes of the system usefulness, affordances, and usability that the system provides to the user.  Throughout this paper these three properties as well as the actions of the user provided by the design will be examined.


Smartphones: Convergence+Black Box

In this paper an exploration of the developmentsof audio-media convergence over the years is conducted. Along with this discourse an attempt to see if it is possible to create a black box technology is looked into. Also in this paper an attempt to open a discussion as to what can be expected in the future of these technologies.

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