Building Virtual Worlds


1-3 week time frame


Team of 4-6 that changes every round


Teamwork, iterative design, and rapid prototyping


Building Virtual Worlds (BVW) is a class at the Entertainment Technology Center of CMU that focuses on teamwork, iterative design, and rapid prototyping. For each round, a theme and an input device is designated by the instructors. Students will have 1 to 3 weeks to complete each project.




Anna Lee

Platform: Occulus+PS Move

Role: Producer/Environment Artist

Time: 2 weeks

Design Constraint: Guest Helps Character A to achieve a goal. Also Character A  is scared of Character B

Team of 5

Action-Adventure game where the guest helps their grand-daughter out of cemetary while warding of spooky ghosts with their torch.


Platform: Kinect

Role: Producer/ 2D Sprite Artist

Time: 2 weeks

Design Constraint: ‘Naive Guest’+ Feeling of Freedom, No instructions should be given to guest and we should make design choices that influence the playthrough

Team of 5

Side scrolling game where the guest is wizard seeking revenge on another wizard who has blown up the protagonists home.



Platform: Google Tango

Role: Designer/Programmer

Time: 1 week

Design Constraint: Must be an enjoyable experience for anyone to pick up and enjoy.

Team of 5

Google Tango experience where guests move in ‘real space’ to interact with objects in the virtual space which in turn affect the music that is being played.0


Cave VR

Platform: Cave VR, LeapMotion

Role: Producer/3D Artist

Time: 3 week

Design Constraint: Throughout the game/experience a story must be told to the guest.

Team of 5

The guest is a new space pilot whose base has been destroyed and now has to get to the communication station to warn Earth of impending doom. The guest must pilot his ship using a LeapMotion controller


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